Pungo Board House has over 20 years of surfing and skateboarding experience, not to mention the 6 years we have been open. In that that time, we have learned a great deal about this industry, the lifestyle and everything that comes with it. If you have a question, come on into the shop and we will be glad to help you out.

Pungo Board House offers PROFFESSIONAL DING REPAIR with killer prices. Whether you have a buckled board, broken fin box, cracked rail or a snapped nose on  a surfboard, skim board or SUP….WE CAN FIX IT!!! We fix all types of materials including Polyurethane, Epoxy, Carbon Fiber and we have even been known to fix a few softboards and body boards.

Repairs must be brought into the shop for estimate. This way we can actually check out the board, assess the ding and give you the proper recommendation on what should be done. We cannot give estimates over the phone.

Want to BUILD YOUR OWN or fix it yourself? We also offer surfboard glassing and sell materials for building and fixing surfboards (blanks, resin, ECT.) Call or come in for pricing.

Know what you want? We will shape it for you. We offer custom Pungo Board House Surfboards, hand shaped right here in Virginia Beach. We can do everything from mini-grom shortboards, fishes, Dumpster Divers, High performance thrusters to big guy shortboards, funboards, longboards and SUP’s. Let us do a sick airbrush, resin tint (pigment) or swirl on your new stick for a one of a kind board!!!

We Buy Used Surfboards! 

Have an old board you want to get rid of? Bring it into the shop, and let us check it out. No estimate/price can be given over the phone.

Want to have something to shred when there are no waves? 

We also specialize in building custom skate ramps, all shapes, styles and designs. Let us build you a SICK ramp to shred when the waves are flat!!! Give us a call or come into the shop for more details.