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Free Diver Swims With Great White

Gliding along with a Great White! Check out this crazy video of a chick free diver swimming with a Great White Shark. These sharks can grow to massive sizes. Some of the biggest Great Whites ever caught have were a 19 footer which was caught off Western Australia, a 21 footer caught off Cuba in 1945 and a 23 footer […]

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Lucas Rogers and Some Fun Summertime Swell

Lucas dropping one! Surfing in the summertime on the East Coast, what does that make you think of? It makes me think of warm water, usually, hot sand, cold beers, trunks, small waves, surfing softboards, teaching surf lessons, annoying tourists, chicks in bikini’s. Well if we’re lucky, summertime also makes us “East Coasters” think of fun tropical […]

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