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Join Chippa and Jack in a Middle East Surf Adventure

This is not the wave park you’re thinking of! When you think of a wave park, you imagine a place with rental boards, lines of surfers waiting their turn and a probably land-locked location. Well, with Wadi Adventure, you’re only partially right. Aside from a surf pool they also have whitewater rafting and kayaking runs. The […]

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John John Surfs for the Love of Surfing

John John even busts airs over sea turtles, stuff like this happens all the time in Hawaii! Having been a surfer for a while now I can remember seeing John John Florence in Surfing Magazine back in the late 90′s. He was literally a child back then, but he could rip! Luckily for him nothing has really […]

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Xcel Core Files #4: Spotlight on Mike Gleason

Mike Gleason has been surfing NJ’s chilly waters for years. Probably a good thing that Xcel recognized his talents and sponsored him! Now he’ll have enough free wetsuits to last him for years! Check out the video below for a sampling of his talents.

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